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June & Los Sobrenaturales

Sat, 2013-03-30 12:30 - 14:30

Teenage-Hic-Hits (Pim-Pam-Ville)

June is 11. Sings, writes songs, plays the ukulele and melodica and hula dance-hop to the front of the supernatural (with members of The Ginkas and Karatekas). He likes the Ramones, Totoro, The Rolling Stones, Adventure Time and Tex Avery. His first single with the label 7'' Chin Chin-Records (Mundiales) contains his first songs ("Mi hermano es un hombre lobo", "Máquina infernal" y "Verano Azul Extremo") and a couple of versions ("Soy un Superheroe"y "Me voy al campo").

For the first time in Barcelona, at the time of vermouth (12:30) in Fatbottom!
Do Chin-Chin! Anything can happen!