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Kovra Seis

various: · Abraham Díaz · Agnieszka Piksa
Fri, 2015-02-20 19:00 - 21:00

Ediciones Valientes Presents:

Museo Joyildo & Kovra Seis

Kovra #6, the pink issue, with the less prestigious and uncharismatic authors of the peninsule.... also Museo Joyildo, an adventure of Bob and friends by Roberta Vázquez.

Speakers, no
book signing, no
photocall, no
phoney gestures, at your own risk
surprises, not many
presents, only of you wear pink
euros, all at our pocket

Kovra Seis
Kovra has been around for a few years, gathering the best that roams the world of comics. He was born small and shy and slowly, issue by issue has been fattened in size, and grown in quality and content until now. Martin, his editor, threatens to close it after this number.
On Friday 20th we will have a party to request him to continue. We want to see how far it goes. How much can it grow? are there so many good authors in the world today? can a fanzine exceed 224 pages?
The best Kovra of the history contains 31 of the best and most daring writers of the world, 2 A2 gift posters, and even a booklet with English subtitles for language learning!

Kovra Six
size A5
B / N - Color cover
Castilian and English texts
Includes 2 poster in A2 size

Museo Joyildo
13cm x 18cm
Cover printed in Riso by Do The Print
edition of120