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Arnau Sanz
Tue, 2015-06-02 18:00 - 21:00

The pool, the heat, racquetball, eat, fights, eat, fights ... the eternal summers seemed that would never end, and suddenly, one day, without warning, they desapear. The step from child to teenager, the first hairs, first girlfriends. The sea, the grandparents, the cousin. Summers in the pool that finish at once

Introducing the new work by Arnau Sanz.

Arnau Sanz was born in Barcelona in 1984 and spent his childhood in Sant Adria de Besos. He studied Gràfic Arts in the Joso School of Barcelona. He has self-published fanzines as "Bugweer's", "Bodega", "Perro", "Tito", "Tito va al campo" and "Tito en el aeropuerto". Apart from drawing plays in several bands, designs gig posters and has its own screen printing studio. Previously published works: "Albert contra Albert" in Edicions de Ponent and Nacatamal with Apa Apa Comics.