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Irene Pérez · Martin Lopez
Fri, 2011-10-28 20:00 - Tue, 2011-11-22 20:00

Drawings, prints and graphic despiporre

Gráfica Valiente emerges in late 2006 with the naive desire to make its way through the world of professional illustration, or in short: to find job. Its original members were three, then two, then one, and when it was about to disappear victim of working hours in grocery stores, lingerie shops and other establishments for shopping and leisure, it became two. That is, GráficaValiente are Irene Pérez (Ibiza 1983) and Martin Lopez (Lima, 1981). Sometimes one. Sometimes the other. Sometimes both together.

In its five years of life GV met all its objectives except one: find jobs. In contrast, has organized exhibitions, has merged other drawing artists in different publishing projects, has plotted against the illustrated world, has taken forward the Ediciones Valientes label and edited fanzines such as El Temerario and KOVRA, and has made T-shirts under the name of LaIngrata. All hits.

"LO NUESTRO NO TIENE FUTURO" is not a retrospective, nor have the opportunity to see collective works, as GV is basically an excuse to draw and have fun while we end the world, lack of work. Of course.