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Medieval Rangers

Roberto Massó
Fri, 2015-01-16 19:00 - Mon, 2015-01-26 19:01

Roberto Massó is coming to Barcelona. The author of "Medieval Rangers" published by La mansión en llamas, is preparing two activities for this week: A serious talk wearing power-medieval-rangers masks at Loring Art and an exhibition of original at our Fatbottom library.
The two events will feature the author, available to chat, sign and whatever you want him to do

Thursday 15 January> 19h> Loring Art (c / Gravina, 8)
"Mythologies and graphic cosmogonies"
A talk between Clara-Iris Ramos and Roberto Masso wearing Power Rangers masks

Friday 16 January> 19h> Library Fatbottom (c / Lluna 10)
Exhibition of original artwork from "Medieval Rangers"
Exquisite works, powerrangerian scenes on coffee stained paper.

Medieval Rangers is presented as a unique artifact, an ancient codex in which an entire procession of characters, magicians, spiritual warriors and alien gods that make up the mythology of a retro-futuristic universe in which higher concepts unfold, as the treatment of violence or the echoes of classical culture mixed with today's pop, like the Power Rangers. Starting from the oldest story -the struggle of good against evil, Roberto Masso makes a brainstorming narrative exercise in which each page is presented as a work of art in its own.

"In this book, there is a convergence of absolutely surreal references: manuscripts of the fifteenth century as the Bellifortis or the most modern and strange Codex Seraphinianus, plus some Japanese aesthetics (from Godzilla to mangaka Motohiro Hayakawa) Quite a molotov cocktail.." Tendències El Mundo

"Symbols, allegories fantasy mix in a book full of mystery, fun and visual cues " El Diario Montañés

"I imagine in 500 years someone finding a chest buried in the desert of New Mexico with a copy of Medieval Rangers. He could not help but have the feeling of owning a unique jewel in his hands." la Central

Fatbottom, lluna, 10, Barcelona
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