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Mox Nox

Joan Cornellà
Fri, 2013-06-07 19:30 - 22:00

Joan Cornellà will be presenting Mox Nox. He'll be signing books. There'll be an small exhibition of his original work. Confetti and razor shells.

Joan Cornella is the pseudonym of the cartoonist Renato Valdivieso, a regular contributor to "El Jueves" magazine and to other publications like "La cultura del Duodeno", "El Periódico", "Amaníaco", "Tmeo", "Ara" newspaper or "Quimera". In 2009, he won the third edition of Josep Coll Contest in the category of under 30 years, with his album Abulio, published the following year by Glénat. For years he has combined his work as a draughtsman with his true passion: working as an extra in low-budget pornographic films. On the other hand, is the grandson of the famous television presenter Jesús Vázquez....

Like Pierre La Police, Joan Cornellà tries to offend by contradiction. However, his pursuit for aesthetic and cynicism gives a different tone and colour to his stories. This child-like drawings hide real violence both free and very surrealistic, just as the very first creations of Buñuel and Dalí. Therefore, it’s not that surprising that the author readily admits and appreciates Kamagurka and Herr Seele, the creators of Cowboy Henk.