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Parte de Todo Esto

Martin Lopez
Thu, 2013-05-09 19:30 - 21:30

Next Thursday, May 9, there will be a presentation of PARTE DE TODO ESTO by Martín López Lam and published by Edicions De Ponent in Fatbottom Books, Barcelona.
The author will be giving the chapa, explaining the process, why and how of this comic, as he scratches ink stains and damages the copies acquired by the joyous crowd.
Laughter and free drink, which is what really matters in these situations. There will be no surprises. Hopefully.

Summary: Lucia and Tilsa spend the afternoons around the roofs of some abandoned Lima neighborhood in the early nineties. With the help of Constantino, Daniel has assembled a pop group to conquer the unstable love of Carmen. Running away from his responsibilities, Carlos reconnects with Arthur and Cecilia, a pair of childhood friends who spent the summer and have ended up married. One afternoon, Sandra and Oscar walk along the national road after a boring night out. She convinced him to go to her home-village and he tries to recognize, unsuccessfully, the types of trees along the sides of the road. The four stories that comprise "Parte de todo esto" are a mosaic of friendship between men and women. Shallow and deep friendships. His characters, separated by time and geographical distances, find in the other a balance for a life cast adrift, prisoners of circumstances that are not able to cope and a life in which peace reigns seemingly everyday.

fatbottom, salvà 19, barcelona
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