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Paul Arscott

Paul Arscott
Thu, 2017-06-22 18:00 - 21:00

Founding member of the Eyeball Comix collective, english artist Paul Arscott has been one of the promoters of the new independent British scene.
Paul Arscott, unlike the long tradition of big stars that has produced his country, always arisen from the quarries of adventure magazines for teens (Eagle, 2000Ad, Battle ...), drinks from the classic and irreverent British children's magazines (Beano, Dandy, Viz, Zit ...), great strangers in our country. One could say that these magazines are more spiritually close to the Bruguera school than to the Franco-Belgian children's comic, in the sense that violence is an important part of their humor, and that heroes are often ugly, In many cases marginalized.
Paul is one of the most prominent contemporary authors who continue the legacy of these fantastic children's publications, and one of the few branches of the small British undergound family tree headed by Hunt Emerson.

Paul opens exhibition and presents the new installment of the series Death Rattle

Fatbottom, lluna, 10, Barcelona
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