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Presentació de 'Cenit' de María Medem, i exposició del procés creatiu

María Medem
Thu, 2018-11-08 18:30 - Wed, 2018-12-12 21:00

Presentation of María Medem's first comic in Spanish, published by Apa · Apa. It'll be accompanied by an exhibition with originals that will show the process in the creation of the book

CENIT: It's not easy to live without remembering what you did the night before. It is even more difficult if you remember what you have dreamed and do not like it. But everything is worse if you are a sleepwalker and you do not know if you actually dreamed something or lived it. When the sun reaches its CENIT and the world splits in two and the sky looks like a peach or orange juice, a couple of friends chat face to face. They try to understand their night and their fears. They try, awaken, to remember your dreams.
Color · Hardcover / 120 pages · 18x23.5 cm / November 2018

María Medem began self-publishing her comics after finishing Fine Arts. She published her first comic with Terry Bleu, a small Dutch publisher. She has participated in anthologies such as NOW (Fantagraphics) and Cold Cube 004 (Cold Cube Press) and has also collaborated in different collective zines. She participated in the cycle The City in Vignettes in Centro Cibeles with a mural comic.

Fatbottom, Carrer Lluna 10, Barcelona
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