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Presentació de "Cortazar" de Jesús Marchamalo i Marc Torices

Jesús Marchamalo · Marc Torices
Fri, 2017-04-07 19:00 - 21:00

Julio Cortázar, thin and lanky, black hair, indomitable, beard, horn-rimmed glasses and a face of aneternal teenager. One of the most recognized and dearest contemporary authors, and one of the essential names of the Latin American boom. This illustrated biography takes us through the most relevant and enlightening episodes of his life thanks to Jesus Marchamalo and Marc Torices. We can follow as some sort of privileged witnesses a good part of his world and his literature: his readings and journeys, his childhood, his friends, his first writings, jazz, Paris and his long walks with La Maga and his love for cats.
An essential portrait of the author of Rayuela, full of complicity and admiration.
No one had ever shown us this before.

Jesús Marchamalo (Madrid, 1960). Writer and journalist, has developed much of his career in Radio Nacional de España and Televisión Española, and has won the Icarus, Montecarlo and National Journalism Miguel Delibes Awards. He is the author of more than a dozen books; Among others, La tienda de palabras, Tocar los libros, Las bibliotecas perdidas or Los reinos de papel. In Nordica, he has published, with to Antonio Santos, Retrato de Baroja con abrigo, Kafka con sombrero, Pessoa, gafas y pajarita and El bolso de Blixen.
He has been curator of two exhibitions dedicated to Cortázar, and in 2011 he published with Fórcola Ediciones Cortázar and books.

Marc Torices (1989). One of the most interesting authors of the present-day spanish scene. He is co-editor in Zángano Comix, a small publishing house that accommodates his most daring work, and co-founder of the Gutter Fest self-publishing festival. His work has been published by national and international labels such as Nobrow, Apa Apa or Autsaider Comics. He currently shares his time between illustration and animation.

Fatbottom, lluna, 10, Barcelona
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