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Presentación del fanzine Dosde #4, Espiral

various: · Arnau Deasdstop · Clara-abejita
Fri, 2013-01-11 19:30 - 21:30

Dosdé-zine is a monthly zine with many choices of style and narrative. It's like one of those self-conclusive comic books, each different from the other.
-Yes, they all have a link in common, a word that heads and subtitles each issue. A word that we use as leitmotiv and that each artist develops into an idea and a story.
-The group was forged by 2010 from a group of amateur artists who made fanzines for El Saló del Comic Barcelona. in a moment when they decide to continue with a more serious purpose but not without boldness, humor, quality, experimentation ...
-Another interesting point are the covers. From the beginning we decided that each one would be made by a different author, in full color would be the only part of the fanzine that would show the idea of the word in the title.
-It's been three years with Dosdé, we have already published five issues (the first was the number 0), No. 4 "Spiral" Expocòmic winner for best fanzine and many authors have gone through its 16 pages; JuanSamu, Iban Coello, Alan, Javi Pacheco G, Sara Bea, Clara, Lex, Dani Vandrell, Crab, Arnau Deadstop, Edward Anselm, Guille F Santana, Eloy Calvo Dkiller Panda, Gillem Serret, Ana and Rena Laraña.