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Rattenkönig! #4

Fri, 2015-03-13 19:30 - 21:00

The new issue of the Comix, weirdo art & rock'n'roll zine; Rattenkönig is here. And to celebrate it in style we'll do a presentation on Friday March the 13th at the Fatbottom
Rattenkönig! # 4 comes loaded with luxury collaborations, as usual. The best of the best in comics and illustration, nacional and international
involved in this issue:
Marcus Schafer, Joseph Thomas, Victor Lama, David Güell, Herpe Family, Don Rogelio J., Ernest Graves, Mistress Ratt, X-ray, El Marqués, Chico Felix, Darren Merinuk, Peter Gustafsson, Luiz Berger, Abraham Díaz, José Gracia, Carlos Gonzales, Joaquín Aldeguer, Carlos Santoja, Thomas Fernandez, Roberto Arguelles and Dr. Chainsaw.
We nterview the master of weirdo and Hardcore-Punk Sean Taggart.
The preface is signed by Ata, the boss atAutsaider Comics
In addition, we interview a strange character who looks like a homeless

Fatbottom, lluna, 10, Barcelona
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