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Sexy Issue + Una blanda oscuridad

Arnau Sanz · Camille Vannier · Sergi Puyol
Thu, 2014-02-27 19:00 - 21:30

Double feature presentation from Apa Apa

To start with, the #6 installment on the grapa-grapa collection. Arnau Sanz and Camille Vannier have drawn a reversible comic in which sex is the main protagonist.

¡Nacatamal vs. Tuerca y tornillo!

We take this opportunity to introduce the new short story by Sergi Puyol.

"Una blanda oscuridad"

There will be cold beer courtesy of Moritz, food and free kisses from the authors, you can't miss it!.

Fatbottom, Lluna, 10, Barcelona
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