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Revelacions Automàtiques

Marc O'Callaghan
Fri, 2012-07-27 19:00 - Mon, 2012-09-10 21:00

Revelacions automàtiques are a group of drawings that I started making in a somewhat naive way, at a time in my life when I had lost all interest in drawing as a means of expression. This must have been by 2009. But suddenly I realized it was consolidating a style that went out alone and had a life. I was adding fuel to the fire and these revelacions automàtiques began to expand in different ways.
First of all, I set up a blog where I would place one drawing per day. Some of them appeared in fanzines as Vomitorium, Antipatia o Tigre Enorme. Later, around 2011, I started to paint these drawings on the walls of my room at that time. I would project images of classic paintings by renowned authors, tracing only the contour of the human anatomy and adding my aberrations on top of it. This room became my temple. The revelacions automàtiques have also illustrated the Coàgul CD edited by Fungus Cerebri, Coàgul’s cassette edited by Ozonokids, the micro-accordion shared with Clara-Iris, or El Llibre dels 50 Poders.
Recently, El Petit Comité del Terror has published El Llibret of Revelacions Automàtiques, definitive compendium of what have been these visions until the present moment . This exhibition presents a selection of the revelations contained in this booklet, and a mural in the style of the Temple.

Fatbottom, C/ Salvà, 19, Barcelona
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