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Rosario y los inagotables

Artur Laperla · Marcos Prior
Fri, 2014-04-25 19:30 - 21:00

A book presentation by Mr. Absence
Finally, one of the best comics to have appeared in the last years of the magazine "El Víbora" is going to be reprinted
Rosario has short hair, like a boy, so it doesn't get tangled by the circumstances , which are many and variable. Los inagotables are , in principle, Joe and Moe , a pair of loafers who spend their lives browsing , as god says . The other characters that populate these pages are a troop of supporting that , if put to it , perhaps they could take a big hit and live off the interests , but instead have chosen to drink beer all night, open a video store , assemble a band of pop-rock , take a ride with a Cadillac or order a pizza and watch them come. All ply with cynicism , kepp going , all out of breath and breathe through the diaphragm. There is no hurry .
Laperla and Prior, a couple of two , take the commonplaces of American fiction to serve us - in a wide glass, of course - a modulation of the crime fiction genre, harvested somewhere between the Hernandez Bros and the Coen brothers.

Fatbottom, lluna, 10, Barcelona
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